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one seems to care. "Language Policies in the Roman Republic and Empire". Abe Lincoln must die! He also loves recalling toys. Not Himself : In Reality.0, the.O.P.S. Sam: Max is all gif short term memory; I occasionally have to bring him back up to speed. (1994) The Context of Ancient Drama.

17 The success of Augustus in establishing principles of dynastic succession was limited by his outliving sex a number of talented potential heirs. Modern scholars have found the pleasure Romans took in the "theatre of life and death" 419 to be one of the more difficult aspects of their civilization to understand and explain. Although the republic stood in name, contemporaries of Augustus knew it was just a veil and that Augustus had all meaningful authority in Rome. 222 The typical tax rate paid by individuals ranged from 2. The list of items Sam asks Bosco for includes: Complimentary fresh garlic, fine leather jackets, gumballs the size of your head, 2 Plate Armor of Limitless Squeezeability, PEZ dispensers with the head of infamous Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, stray tufts of sasquatch hair, hats. A segment of the ruins of Hadrian's Wall in northern England The Empire reached its largest expanse under Trajan (reigned 98117 40 encompassing an area of 5 million square kilometres. 240 Conditions during the Crisis of the Third Century such as reductions in long-distance trade, disruption of mining operations, and the physical transfer of gold coinage outside the empire by invading enemiesgreatly diminished the money supply and the banking sector by the year 300. Fun with Acronyms : The C omputer O bsolescence P revention S ociety who are introduced in "Reality.0".

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234 Socially, economic dynamism opened up one of the avenues of social mobility in the Roman Empire.

Rufus Fears, "The Cult of Jupiter and Roman Imperial Ideology Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt.17.1 (1981. Offscreen Moment of Awesome : Spoofed when you first meet Flint Paper in Season 2 and ask him where he was during Season 1; he describes a case that exactly mirrors Sam and Max's adventures in Season One, and they still complain about missing. Never Say That Again : banaaaaaaaannnnnng! The provinces of the Roman empire from Caesar to Diocletian. Visual Pun : Several. It's actually a double brick joke, as a line of dialogue in Episode 202 refers to something being as useful as a typewriter ribbon in a haunted castle. Beard, Mary (1991) "Ancient Literacy and the Written Word in Roman Religion in Literacy in the Roman World. Double Subverted with the Zombie Factory of "Night of the Raving Dead". Portraiture in painting is represented primarily by the Fayum mummy portraits, which evoke Egyptian and Roman traditions of commemorating the dead with the realistic painting techniques of the Empire. Fan Disservice : Turns out the stripper at her husband's bachelor party is Jurgen's Monster. Cheese's designed as a rather half-assed front for The Mafia. He and Sam have an entire wing of Hell devoted to them and the people they've been involved in the deaths of, even those they didn't even know they were responsible for such as Grandpa Stinky.


In theory, the Senate was entitled to choose the new emperor, but did so mindful of acclamation by the army or Praetorians.

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